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    Well, my super best awesome Shadowcast in the universe officially sold today…time for an upgrade.

    New specs as follows:

    Ankona suv17 with medium grey hull and pearl grey interior and deck
    Aluminum continental trailer
    New (10hrs) Yamaha 50 2 stroke with powertech scb3
    Open bulkhead
    12gal built in tank
    center console with no feedback steering
    Rear storage locker
    Rear platform

    I will be installing/rigging:
    Lenco 9×9 trim tabs
    2013 Yamaha controls
    Livorsi led nav lights
    Custom toggle switch panel
    Teleflex tach
    Hella anchor light
    Blue sea fuse panel with badass wiring
    Odyssey pc680
    Stainless cup holders
    Vmarine stainless pp holders

    …aaaaand that’s all I can think of for now. Everything is ordered, and ankona said the wait is about 8 weeks till I can pick it up. So….you will have to deal with two months of me posting photos of accessories in the mean time.



    Lenco 9×9 Edgemounts with switch…brand the whole set with switch for $400. Score!

    2013 Yamaha 704 surface mount binnacle control…made an offer on ebay for $150 and the guy accepted! Score again!

    I’ve ordered so many parts and have had so many boxes each day that my mail lady just said screw it and left me the whole USPS bin she uses to carry stuff around. Now it’s full of parts:

    In there you can see most of the small parts…toggles, bilge parts, odyssey battery, fuse panel, tachometer, cup holders, gps mount, etc.



    More messing around. Just doing what I can without a hull to rig…

    Stare at my outboard all day…

    Installed anew throttle and shift cables as well as battery cables…

    Wired up the tachometer. With all red wires instead of green/yellow/red lol  😀




    Hull is being sprayed as we speak.
    Trailer being delivered June 19
    Picking up the skiff June 22

    Got the motor running after many new carb parts that took weeks to get:

    Got a double thick cushion made:

    Also did some ‘pre-wiring templating’ for when the skiff comes:



    Trailer is in…

    Boat is out of the mold…



    Got to ankona at 1:00, got to castaway customs at 3:00,got home at 6:00. Was rigging until 3AM last night.

    It’s i shambles with now, but heres some pics:

    driving home-

    outboard mounted-

    seadek on gunnels

    SD on platform

    trim tabs on

    platform on

    Notice the rubber grommet on the poling platform so the wires dont chafe or get cut, also heat shrunk the nav wiring and secured it with a wire hold

    RISE AND SHINE! more work to do all day today…



    Done! Finally! Worked on the boat all day today, 11AM to 1AM the next day as of me posting right now.

    I have a huge rash all over the upper half of my body, like a million red dots- from drilling and sanding fiberglass in nothing but a pair of running shorts Sleeping is going to suck for the next few days while the fiberglass works its way out of my skin.

    But anyway, the good stuff-

    This is the back corner of the rear dry box. It’s a negative terminal bus bar that I made easily accessible in case something comes loose or I need to add something in the future.

    A little something from my computer modding days when I was younger…Hidden wires and only the ends drilled through

    V-Marine PP holders installed:

    beginning console work…you can see some stencil lines drawn with pencil…in this photo I already drilled out the holes for the cup holder and the toggles, they are being dry fitted in the pic:

    more drilling and fitting:

    and some more…

    Now it’s night time again, still rigging the console…

    I requested ankona do very short console like paint it black has on his copperhead, essentially so there is no front face space above the hatch. I like it allot because it’s almost as low as a side console but not quite.

    Working in this tiny console SUCKS. My neck, my arms, my elbows are all killing me. My forearms are scratched to hell and it looks like it got attacked by a family of small cats with all the scratches (which are now inflamed from all the fiberglass dust lol)

    Extremely craptastic photo of the interior with iphone flash at night, cables are 95% tidied up here…

    Console DONE. F-ING-A.

    Got me some jack daniels on the rocks and going to sleep on the couch because the bedsheets make my fiberglass skin



    Finished ‘whole skiff’ photos…excuse the skiff still being dirty- i just washed it down with the hose but hadent cleaned or waxed it yet.

    Time to use it.



    I wish I could see the photos, for some reason I can’t. New to this forum and I am very interested in this particular model. I am considering ordering one seeings how I happen to have a Yammaha 50 2 stroke with no hull. I am not a small guy, in excess of 200lbs, and was wondering how these boats truely draft. I have lots of rather shallow flats where I fish that at times are not accessable by my Doplhin Backcountry 16. If I only had an extra couple of inches…..of draft. I am going to check a Beavertail B1 out this weekend, so I will know more about what dirrection I will be heading. I really am not overly concerned how it handles big bodies of water, my Dolphin is great in that senerio and I have no intentions of getting rid of it, plus it is a great beach Tarpon boat. I just want to always be able to get to those schools of tailing reds I see at times in less than a foot of water.



    Jay- check out this link:

    That should have what you need to see.

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