Mosquito Lagoon – 9/8/12

The lagoon is clearing up from the algae bloom, but the fishing is tough if you can’t find any tails before afternoon. This weekend I went to check out some spots I haven’t fished in ages and it turned out to be a bad choice. Started the morning off on the eastern side across from the beacon 42 ramp with no fish to be seen. After a short amount of poling in that area, we moved to the glory hole with the same results. Mullet, mullet, mullet! They are everywhere. You will find the occasional under slot red hanging out within the school, but there was dismal action this weekend to say the least.

I did see one very dark set of tails while at the glory hole which may have been a black drum, and then on the way out a few large fish were pushing water on the tiger shoals but they disappeared like ghosts when we tried to inspect them closer.

Hopefully someone had better luck than I did this weekend!

Fishing report for Mosquito Lagoon – September 8, 2012


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