Indian River Lagoon – 10/5/12

The Indian River Lagoon is clearing up, and that is great news! The dirty water from this summer’s algae bloom is slowly receding and the bottom of the food chain is recovering nicely. Small crustaceans and small baitfish are reappearing all over the flats of the Indian River Lagoon and the game fish are taking notice. Now that summer is over and the fall/winter season is upon us, the fish are starting to slowly move into their new patterns as well. Fish are currently held up on the banks looking for schools of glass minnows and croakers.

The afternoons are still very hot…look for fish further into the flats as the sun comes up tailing while looking for crustaceans in the sand and grass. The red below ate a gold pattern redfish toad tossed to him on an 8wt fly setup.

Indian River Lagoon fishing report for October 5, 2012.


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