Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report – 10/6/12

The fishing in Mosquito Lagoon is still hot, it’s amazing how this fishery can stay active even in adverse conditions. I fished the North end of the Mosquito Lagoon this past Saturday for the first time and it was a ton of fun finding new spots in the plethora of flats and creeks the North end has to offer. There is no shortage of other fisherman, though! I can’t believe how people can still motor with wide open throttle through precious grass flats, sometimes it is down right disgusting the way anglers act in an already heavily pressured fishery.

Back to the fishing report- while focusing on the shorelines again, I found the best way to target finicky reds this weekend was to slowly pole the shorelines to find lower slot fish feeding on glass minnows and tailing for small crustaceans in the backwater creeks. The water was VERY VERY dirty in most of these creeks. A gold redfish toad was no match for the water quality in some of these creeks, the fly would sit not six inches from the fishes face and it would go unnoticed. This of course leads to multiple frustrated casts and lost fish once they spot you wailing the fly rod like a moron for the sixth cast.

The grass these reds are tailing in can get very thick, and combined with the water clarity makes it very tough to get these fish to notice your lure or fly. I would recommend a custom fly tied with a rattle so that they can zero into your offering with sound rather than sight.

Mosquito Lagoon fishing report for October 5, 2012.


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