Sneak Peek – New Strongarm Products Platforms and Holders

Strongarm Products is a purveyor of finely crafted skiff accessories that you just can’t live without. They make one of the best rated all-metal tiller extensions, and you may have read the after action report I did of the Strongarm Products mini casting platform, needless to say they have come out with more ‘strong products’ late this summer which you should definitely check out (photos below).

Strongarm came out with the XL casting platform awhile back and it was a great success in the micro skiff market, being sold to dozens of serious flats fishermen all across the Southeastern US. They have recently revamped their XL casting platform into an all new design which touts not only cosmetic and design improvements, but the inclusion of their new underside applied design adds that extra oomph to your new platform. The applied design can be customized with any design or logo of your choosing. The bow-mounted casting platforms can be purchased in two different versions, a permanent screw-down platform and a removable turnbuckle version for those who may want a clear front deck at times. All Strongarm metal work is available in various finishes, such as powder coating or bare aluminum and comes with preinstalled SeaDek non-skid padding.

Another platform which was debuted recently is the ‘special edition’ rear poling platform. This poling platform keeps it down to the bare necessities but also adds in a few neat features that I found to be really useful. Shown in the photos below, you can see two rod holders/step bars which are welded into the sides allowing the person pushing the skiff to stow a stick anchor or spare rod while up there. If you unsuspectingly pole onto a nice school of fish, it’s always great to have that spinning rod handy (or if you’re really badass- have a spare fly rod ready for use while on the rear platform). You may also notice some rope hanging down from the corners of the platform. Strongarm Products has welded on two small corner plates to both sides of the platform where you can affix pieces of looped rope that a stick anchor easily slides through for quickly anchoring the skiff on the flats. This feature is meant to replace the traditional ‘stick anchor bracket’ jutting out of your transom which is more often than not a trap for your fly line to get snagged on. The new platform also has the new underside applied design and can be made to match your front casting platform as a set, complete with SeaDek non-skid on top.

Last but not least are the push pole holders. In a market saturated with push pole holders from cheap to chique, these new Strongarm Products push pole holders are a breath of fresh air. Simple, usable, and practical. These new push pole holders have pre-cut SeaDek non-skid pads on the inside which hold the push pole firmly in place, while utilizing molded rubber/composite caps over the screws. The SeaDek and screw caps keep your expensive push pole from sliding out while driving on the highway, and keep scratches off while placing in and out of the holders. As always, various finishes are available for these too.


Permanent casting platform:


Removable casting platform:


Applied design artwork:


New special edition rear poling platform:


2012 Strongarm Products push pole holders:


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