Photos of Ankona Owners Event #3 – Mosquito Lagoon sponsored the Ankona Owners event this weekend (October 5-7, 2012) so of course I attended, and it was a blast. We had almost a dozen Ankona boat owners from across the State of Florida join in on the fishing and fun in Titusville, FL. Ankona models from the ShadowCast 16 to the Copperhead were present and there were quite a few nice boats to take a look at. I went out Friday with Bob from Strongarm Products on his brand new ShadowCast 16 ‘Special Edition’ and it was great to see all the new features he has come up with in his newest products for 2012. We ended up bring in a nice red on the Indian River that day but just pushing around that skiff was a lot of fun.

Saturday was the official day of the Ankona weekend where everyone met up to fish the Indian and Mosquito Lagoons in Titusville. Lots of fish were caught and everyone met up for lunch and fish tales at Dogs R Us in the afternoon. I’m sure tailingloop will have some nice photos up in the near future as well on various forums or the SWC blog.

I took some photos with my trusty non-SLR camera, hope you enjoy!




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