Veteran’s Day on Mosquito Lagoon – 11/12/12

The wind, the wind, the wind. What’s a fly fisher to do when the wind is gusting non-stop in the opposite direction of the sun, making it impossible to see fish? Fish the shorelines and make 10 foot casts, that’s what. The wind wasn’t supposed to be too bad in East Central Florida on Monday (Veteran’s Day) but it was. The wind didn’t lay down until almost sunset but we were still able to find fish.

Redfish are moving onto the flats now with the warmer water that heats up during the afternoon. The last cold front still lingers in the water providing cold temperatures overnight. We fished several different spots in the Central Mosquito Lagoon region and found fish at every one. It’s not finding the fish that’s hard, it’s finding the right fish. Many fish seem to be keeping active by cruising the shorelines rather quickly; not just a slow ‘food cruise’ like I was used to seeing this summer. The laid up fish which stay still for you to lay down the perfect cast are of course the best.

Oh, and another thing…reds hate when things come towards them instead of away from them!

Mosquito Lagoon fishing report for November 12, 2012.


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