2012: The Best of a Half Year

This website was started in August 2012 because we all know there is never enough fishing related things to look at on the internet (especially those of us with desk jobs). Skinny water fishing is my obsession and I’m sure there are many of you out there who feel the same. It’s kind of like golf. It’s the great days you have which keep you coming back for more even after being skunked for weeks.

So with half a year behind this website, here’s to hoping for many more years in the future.

I went through plenty of gear in 2012; from skiff accessories to terminal tackle on fly and spin. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, and some of it I put up for review on this website. We have many more reviews coming in 2013! Look out for some great articles on fishing apparel and tackle in the coming months.

A few favorites were found over the months that stuck with me into 2013. Check them out below.


Random Favorites of 2012


Spinning Reel

Stradic RevShimano Stradic FJ

The new 2012 Stradic FJ is light, stylish, and now packs the same features of the higher end Shimano reels. The price is awesome too! See the Shimano Stradic comparison we did here.

Runner Up: Shimano Stradic Ci4


Spinning Rod

Stradic RevSt Croix Mojo Inshore
The St. Croix Mojo inshore is an excellently performing rod with an excellent price. The Mojo Inshore can be had for less than $120 and has some serious back-bone. It’s not a hollow-feeling graphite rod like many $100 priced rods from other companies. The coating on the rod makes it feel sturdy and worth it’s price tag. The split grip is nice too; if that’s your thing (some prefer full cork). The only photo I have at the moment is from the reel review shown left on the bottom two setups.


Fly Reel

Nautilus FWXNautilus FWX

I love the Nautilus FWX. It’s light, well machined, and looks amazing. The drag won’t “stop a train” but let’s be real with ourselves- stopping a train with a fly fishing reel is not a good way to spend our hard earned money. It has stopped plenty of redfish and trout so far, though.

Photo courtesy of the Nautilus website.

Runner Up: Galvan Torque



Ankona ShadowCast Review 2012Ankona ShadowCast 16
I know what you are all thinking. “This guy posts an aweful lot about Ankona and the ShadowCast!”. Well it’s not just good for this website’s search rankings- It’s an awesome little skiff. SkinnySkiff.com is in no way associated with Ankona, but we have to give praise where it is due. The ShadowCast 16 is affordable and performs well above it’s price range. See our review of the Ankona ShadowCast 16 here.


Skiff Accessory Manufacturer

New Strongarm Products 2012 PlatformStrongarm Products
Another company you may have seen more than one mention about on this site. Strongarm Products is a great company which manufactures made in USA products for your skiff at an affordable price. Their innovative products help you fish better and accessorize smarter. Visit their site here.

Runner Up: Shallow Water Solutions


Fishing Apparel

SWC-New-Flex-Hats-Sept12Skinny Water Culture (SWC)

Sorry world. SWC has the “skinny water fishing culture” clothing market cornered right now. Awesome designs with great stories behind them. The team at SWC continually puts out fishing apparel geared towards the flats fishing enthusiast. They make so much gear, in fact, that you can get caught wearing too much at once. Kind of like wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert- that’s a no-no right?

Check them out at this link…


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