Holy Wintertime Batman! – Mosquito Lagoon – 2/2/13

It got even colder! You may have read my complaining in last weeks report about the cold weather, well it was in the low 40’s again for a few days this week and when we launched the skiff on Saturday morning it was a chilly 42 degrees out. What the heck!

The fish are still out there, but you’ll need to wait for the afternoon sun to warm the water up and their appetite to turn on. You can find reds all over the lagoon hanging out in the crystal clear waters along the Eastern shoreline. Look for singles and doubles feeding and tailing in the seagrass.

Of course, fish are still schooled up in huge numbers on the open flats in the center of the lagoon. If that’s your thing- you can chase them all day long to your heart’s content! Get a good cast out there on a spin rod in front of the school, or be lucky enough to have a school swimming right towards you and lead them with a fly.

Pics or it didn’t happen you say?

Fishing report for Mosquito Lagoon on February 2, 2013.

Mosquito Lagoon - Report - Feb 2, 2012 (2)

Mosquito Lagoon - Report - Feb 2, 2012 (3)

Mosquito Lagoon - Report - Feb 2, 2012 (4)


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