Weekend and Boat Bags You Should Own

I recently went on a weekend trip and while packing I found myself thinking to myself “I have no good bags.” As I graduated college and got my first awesome full-time job, I found myself wanting those ‘adult’ things that last for a long time. You know what I’m talking about. Your Dad’s old leather satchel that was made in 1940 and is still going strong, or his black briefcase that never seemed to break, rip, or tarnish. Heck, even an old tackle box with those cascading storage trays that ‘isn’t made like they used to’.

So in good fashion, I went on an internet hunt for some new bad-ass gear and bags to satisfy my new goal in life (for the time being): to own a few bags that don’t suck. I’m not talking about $20 made in China bags from Nike and Adidas, or those $40 boat bags from Bass Pro Shops. These bags are the real deal, and one of them is actually fully hand made in the USA! ‘MERICA!

Check out the list of bags you just shouldn’t live without:

A Boat Bag

When looking for a boat bag, the bag stops here (get it?). Sage has made an awesome bag for your skiff and other to-and-from boat purposes which was reviewed by Bjorn of BOTB here. It’s called the Technical Boat Bag. The bag looks good, and performs good too. It’s completely waterproof, comes with dividers, has small pockets for small things, and has fully seem welded construction. What else would you expect from a company that hails from $800 fly rods?

Sage Boat Bag

See it here.

A Waterproof Duffel

We all (probably) need a waterproof duffel. Has anyone ever gone out on the skiff knowing it would rain that day? I have. I also have dry storage on the skiff, but what if it rains to and from the dock, or the ramp, etc? The waterproof duffel covers that. Simms makes a nice one and it’s bright orange color just won’t let you leave it behind. The bag is huge and is made of 450-denier nylon, what more could you ask for? Actually, I would prefer if it was 500-denier or more but 400-some-odd is just fine! This bag also qualifies as a mighty-fine weekend bag too, but read on for that…

Simms Dry Duffel

See it here.

The Weekend Fishing Trip Duffel

When you’re on a weekend fishing trip you can’t just leave a pile of clothes in the car, or walk around in a garbage bag filled with clothes like a homeless Santa Clause. Well, I guess you could do that and it won’t effect your fishing much, but if you want a nice bag to hold your things on that 2-4 day fishing trip, look no further than Hudson Sutler. I’ve been on plenty of impromptu fishing trips where my belongings were all contained in my fishing shorts and I slept in the bed of a truck, but now it’s time for us to be adults. Hudson Sutler is a fairly new company to the bag game and has been hailed on various style blogs as just plain awesome. All of their products are 100% hand-made in the good ol’ US of A and the quality shows. Their ‘Weekender’ bag is awesome, and I might just buy a second one. This is a bag I’ll be using for years and years to come.

Hudson Sutler Weekender

See the Weekender line here.

A Manly Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag

What do you do when you get to the hotel and you need to show off your awesome new aftershave and straight-razor shaving kit to the other guys? You bust out a manly toiletry bag, that’s what. There’s no better way to establish your dominance on that next weekend fishing trip (or whatever your wife might invite you to for the weekend) than a leather dopp kit with all the essentials. My favorite here isn’t all leather, but it fits the bill of burly sportsman, or old white guy, just fine. Orvis has a luggage line called ‘battenkill’ which includes a totally awesome hanging toiletry bag. The bag not only hangs to keep your stuff off of a wet countertop in the bathroom, but has plenty of pockets and places to keep your stuff. Bug spray, tooth brush, deodorant, q-tips, and pretty much anything else.

Orvis Hanging Dopp

See it here.



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