Spear Boatworks Shop Photos

It’s no secret I stopped by the Spear Boatworks shop a few weeks ago to check out a new skiff that Harry and John Spear had been telling me about. While I was there, I got the basic tour of the facility and saw the molds that Spear Boatworks was currently working with. They are by no means a fancy warehouse shop with tons of high-tech gadgets, but they are the epitome of hand-made and hand-crafted (while using new techniques such as vacuum bagging). If you have an image in your head of a humble small town USA shop that makes great skiffs that are purpose driven and exude quality, this is that place.

Enough of me trying to think of fancy adjectives to describe the images in my head, let’s see the place! My photos were taken early in the morning due to my time schedule I had that day while traveling, so excuse the nonexistent fanciness.

The Spear Boatworks sign.

Spear Boatworks AroundTheShop 1

The shop. See the deer heads and stuffed cougar on the second floor? This place is awesome!

Spear Boatworks AroundTheShop 2

Close-up of PRO-V Orca boats finishing up before being shipped to South Africa. Also the Low Tide mold in the foreground.

Spear Boatworks AroundTheShop 3

The Low Tide mold.

Spear Boatworks AroundTheShop 5

All-important details about the mold.

Spear Boatworks AroundTheShop 4

And of course, the new 16′ skiff I wrote about earlier.

Spear Boatworks New 16 Skiff SkinnySkiffCom


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