Saturday’s Redemption on the Lagoon

Saturday was redemption day. I’ve been out the last few weeks on the lagoon without much luck on fly especially in the evening hours after work. It seems the fish are only willing to eat in the morning. So fine, I wake up early and head out to the lagoons in search of my little red swimming buddies we call redfish. The fish have been subjected to low water and horrible water quality with the most recent algae bloom in the lagoons. The fish are pushing up into the shallow grass beds depending on how shallow they are on that given weekend. The amount of rain from the previous week and the water levels with help dictate that. If a grass bed has been exposed for a few weeks and had enough time to accumulate some crustaceans such as crabs, as soon as it floods again with 4-6 more inches of water the fish will be all over it. Write that down.

Celebrate That IshThis weekend was amazing. My girl even boated a super nice 30 inch plus red (photo below). We finally got into tons of fish and tails were everywhere. I love fishing this time of year because the large winter schools of redfish will break up into small pods of 2-8 fish and single cruising fish will be everywhere. Poling the skiff after a large school on an open flat sucks. It really just sucks. Please see the image to the right for an explanation of how I feel when my weekend ends with multiple fish to the boat on fly…

Onto the photos:

Mosquito Lagoon SkinnySkiffCom Aug2013 3

Mosquito Lagoon SkinnySkiffCom Aug2013 6

Mosquito Lagoon SkinnySkiffCom Aug2013 5




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