Estrada Art Debuts New Masks and Shirts

Estrada Art, formerly IamWaseone who we did an interview with here, is debuting new flats fishing art themed products soon that will be sure to grab your attention. Estrada Art is the new name of the urban-style flats fishing art pseudo for Eric Estrada, a South Florida native who mixes his youth’s skills in urban art and his love to fly fishing the skinny waters of the area. He’s been putting out artwork and prints of the artwork for awhile now, and he has paired with Skinny Water Culture (SWC) to do some face mask designs in the past.

The new products he’ll be debuting soon are shirts and ‘Careta del Sols’. Since I don’t speak spanish I’m assuming that means ‘Carrots of the Sun’. Just kidding, I know it’s a face-mask-type product. The designs are awesome, so visit and check them out. While you’re there, check out the iPhone cases too!

SkinnySkiffCom Estrada Art Prev

SkinnySkiffCom Estrada Art Prev 1


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