The Winding Down of Summer

Don't worry buddy, we just want to talk and let you go!

Don’t worry buddy, we just want to talk and let you go!

The mornings are getting cooler, and the sun is coming up later…all signs that Fall is coming. Even the way the clouds sparsely covered the sky last Saturday out on the lagoon, you could feel that Fall was in the air. I love fishing all year-round, I don’t really have a favorite time so to speak. I do enjoy waking up later in the mornings in the winter time, though, when the water warms up later in the day on the flats. This last weekend was an excellent example of another perfect late-summer morning of fishing. The Mosquito Lagoon has been experiencing very low water levels for summer time, I’m talking almost winter levels. Within the last few weeks, the water has come back up- and you know what that means, don’t you? Grass that was previously not navigable by fish due to it being so shallow is now flooded!

The fish are feeding everywhere in these now habitable and navigable areas way back in the islands and flatlands of the lagoon. This past Saturday we must have seen over three dozen fish just tailing away all morning long. My girlfriend and I both brought three fish each to the boat. By 11:00 as the sun was heating up, we didn’t even care to fish anymore. We were actually seeing tailing fish all around us as we exited our area for the morning and didn’t make a single cast because it was time to trailer up and grab lunch.

I love those days. Days where you catch so many fish it becomes tiresome to keep on fishing deeper and deeper into the backcountry flats where it’s impossible to motor up. But it’s not the bountiful days that make us appreciate being able to find an abundance of fish, it’s the days we don’t see a single fish out on the water that we truly appreciate the good ones. I launched again on Sunday morning, hitting the exact same spots only to find mother nature greeting us with a steady 12MPH SSW wind. We saw a few fish here and there, but it was impossible to sneak up on them. That’s [fly fishing] life I guess!

As a side note, I got to test out my new 9WT Orvis Helios 2 fly rod. Man, this thing rocks! Maybe I’ll put a review together soon.

SkinnySkiff Mosquito Redfish Late September 2013


SkinnySkiff Mosquito Redfish Late September 2013 5


SkinnySkiff Mosquito Redfish Late September 2013 3


SkinnySkiff Mosquito Redfish Late September 2013 4


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