UPDATED: New Beavertail ‘Micro’ Skiff

As skiff design progresses, more and more molds will be built by the creative minds all across the big and small companies. ┬áThere are always lots of skiffs in development, but few of them are part of large companies such as Maverick, Beavertail, or Hell’s Bay. When one of these companies debuts a new skiff, such as the recent Beavertail Strike 17, you know it’s got to be a solid performer in order to be released to the public and not ruin their reputation.

Beavertail has been testing a new ‘micro’ skiff recently similar to the new Strike that is now in production. This new skiff promises to be another super shallow fish-stalking machine that won’t break the bank. In fact, it’s slated to be priced even less than the Strike (which has a $27,000 base price for a BMT package as of this posting).

Beavertail, part of AEON Marine, posted a photo of the new skiff being popped out of the mold this week on their public Facebook page. See below for the photo, it’s looking to be a solid skiff.

The specs have not been officially posted, but rumors around the web show it to be a 16’6″ skiff with 60″ beam, no sponsons, and a rounded out transom for better spinning while on the pole.

Stay tuned for more as it’s released.

UPDATE: AEON/BT released a new photo and specs on their Facebook page.

New BT Micro coming along nicely ! LOA 16’8″ Beam 60″ Max 30HP Tiller & Side Console set-ups

Beavertail Micro Skiff 2

Beavertail Micro Mold New Skiff



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