SWC Fall 2013 Collection + New ‘Cracker’ Pocket-T

Skinny Water Culture (SWC) has been quiet recently. Pretty sure they’ve just been taking fishing trips to the Bahamas, getting married and what-not; shrugging off their main duty to make us badass shirts and hats. Well the time has come, and the new SWC Fall 2013 collection is set to be released soon. Here’s a posting SWC made on their Facebook page this weekend regarding the pictured ‘cracker’ pocket shirt and the new arrivals:

These are going into print today. By next week we will have 5 other new designs being made. Any tees that are on our site right now, are only available until they are gone. We have really cool stuff we need to make way for. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Take a look at one of their new shirts…A ‘cracker’ POCKET-T! I’ll be rocking one soon enough.

New SWC Cracker Pocket T


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