Server Move, Website News, and Impostors

Dear Wonderful Fishporn Viewers and Mid-Work-Day Slackers,

It’s been two years since was launched in August 2012 and the first posting was made. I started this website so that people bored at work indeed would have something to look at while sitting at their desks all week, and there would be a place that is updated at least a few times a week with new pictures and videos of fishing in skinny water. Since it’s inception SkinnySkiff has built up to more than 10,000 page views per month, which is no small feat for a website that has done absolutely no external advertising. All of this growth has been organic through social media and web searches by you- the online viewer. For that, I thank you all.

With this growth comes the need for a better server. I recently moved the website over from a basic $3 webhost to a brand spankin’ new MediaTemple server so you guys can load this bad boy website up with ease. If you’re looking for a website host, look no further than MediaTemple by¬†clicking here!¬†With that said, server space isn’t cheap. If you are bored one day and want to decorate your YETI cooler or fly line bucket, head over to the SkinnySkiff shop page and buy you a nice sticker to show your support.

When I first started this website I envisioned it being community-driven. Turns out you are a lazy lot and don’t send in much content for me to post up! If you have a badass new skiff to show off, a cool fishing report from the weekend, or a DIY tutorial you want to have posted on this website feel free to email or post it up on our forums.

Last but not least, a random impostor Instagram account has showed up recently. “skinnyskiff” aka “” is NOT associated with myself or this website. They hijacked the hash tag “#skinnyskiff” on instagram and are using it to boost their likes on instagram. They are building the account up to be a conglomerate “like” account that will be used by them to get free products from companies and to advertise things in exchange for money. So far it’s a “no harm, no foul” situation but I wanted everyone to know about that account and it’s non-association with

…Here’s to a few more years of!





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