Early Winter Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon

I posted about the November bite a couple weeks ago- man was that fun. Seeing fish crawling along the shorelines of Mosquito Lagoon is always a sight to see. As we transition into full on Florida winter here the fish change into a different mode and catching fish during the transition can be tough. During the Fall the redfish will be in singles and pods all over the place slowly feeding on small baitfish and crabs across the shorelines and shallow grass flats. During the winter these same fish will bunch up into large schools of fish and roam the open flats during the daytime when the bright afternoon sun warms the expansive flats.

During this transition myself and a few buddies were still able to find fish- but in some unusual places. We fished spots that we haven’t been to in a long time due to the water level of the lagoon currently. The torrential rains we got in Central Florida late in the Summer created a surplus of, well, water! Fishing spots that normally could not be poled were filled with redfish. Always a good sight to see when taking long adventures to the Mosquito Lagoon backcountry.

Some fish charged our flies with wanton disregard for their safety, while other fish needed careful coaxing and finesse on our parts to trick them to the skiff. The redfish below chose the former method of posing for a photo.

SkinnySkiffComEarlyWinter2015 1

When in Rome…take fancy scenery photos.


Here’s Justin (@tails_up) with a little red from our early exploits to the way-back country. Notice how clear that water is he’s wading in!

SkinnySkiffComEarlyWinter2015 2

And a recent photo from my instagram account I uploaded earlier this week. The boozler himself (@boozlin) with another little red who charged the fly out of a recent winter pod of redfish.

SkinnySkiffComEarlyWinter2015 3


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