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We all have a favorite hat. Whether you’re an old beat up hat that’s seen better days kind of guy or one of those hat-fanatics that keeps them all organized on a wall in your bedroom, you know that a proper hat can make all the difference in your fishing day.

Back when I was a youngin’ watching fishing shows on television every weekend morning, Walker’s Cay Chronicles featuring Flip Pallot was my favorite show. Without going into too much back story, that was basically the show that got me into saltwater fly fishing and sparked the love I have for our wild hometown waters in South and Central Florida. Seeing Flip Pallot on TV casting the long rod to unsuspecting snook in the shallows, tarpon in the cuts, and laid up redfish on the flats lead me to where I am today.

One thing I’ll never forget from the show, even after seeing all the fish caught and all the points about the surrounding ecosystem, was Flip’s hat. Not just any hat. There was one hat he always wore that had a floral pattern in an older 80’s style brim and cut. That hat- was awesome. Not my expel any kind of man-crush on Flip Pallot or anything here, but some people say it’s the clothes that make the man. Well, to me, this hat just sealed the deal. Any man that could catch a dozen snook and redfish by himself in the Everglades backcountry wearing a bright floral-pattern hat knew what he was doing.

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Screenshots from The Walker’s Cay Chronicles Archive on Vimeo from Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Up to this point I never had a ‘favorite hat’ and just threw on whatever I found in the closet. Luckily, while bored at work one day browsing Instagram I found it. The holy grail of floral-pattern hats and the one I’ve been looking for all this time. The Sheepshead Papa John ‘Umbra’ hat.

Sheepshead is a new company focusing on putting out rad hats with a rad company behind them. Sheepshead not only sends you a new hat each time you place an order; they put care into each and every package that leaves the office (or beach…I’m pretty sure these laid-back dudes possibly work straight from the beach). When I received my care package from Sheepshead I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it was packaged and what they threw in the box.

The hat came packaged in a wooden box, neatly packed in tissue paper. My first thought was more along the lines of “Should I ever wear this thing to go fishing?”. The care Sheepshead put into packaging the hat shows how the company cares for and is proud of their products.

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Sheepshead Wear SkinnySkiff Article Overview

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It’s not just the cool packaging and hand-signed thank you notes that got my attention. Sheepshead actually gives back to the conservation community.

We believe Sheepshead should have a purpose outside of creating your favorite hat. Thats why we’ve decided to give back by supporting fish populations. A percentage of the profit derived from each hat sale will go into our Sheepshead Catch and Release Fund™. The Catch and Release Fund will benefit national conservation organizations as well as local fish hatcheries including the Gulf Coast Marine Life Center and the Coastal Conservation Association. By choosing Sheepshead you put fish back into our waters. More fish means better fishing. Better fishing is good. Hakuna matata.

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Color me impressed. In this case, color me an entire rainbow of palm-tree and sunset-colored awesomeness because not only is that hat I got exactly what I wanted, but it also does something I also try to do myself- give back to conservation.

What else can I say? I highly recommend checking out Sheepshead for your new hat needs. They have a ton of awesome designs to choose from. A mesh-backed cap? They got it. A plain white prep-style hat fit for a day on the sailboat? They nailed it.

I’m going to get out there and catch a dozen fish on fly with my awesome new hat- and maybe one day start my own fishing show to inspire other little ones in the great sport of saltwater fly fishing.

Find out more info on Sheepshead hats at their website.

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