The Lagoon as of Late

Haven’t posted a whole lot the last few weeks on the site. Fishing has been slow around Florida if you’re the hunting-for-fish-with-your-eyes type of guy. This 2014-2015 winter has provided us with inconsistent temperatures and confused fish on the flats. Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it winter, or is it summer? Hell if I know! I’m sure the fish are just as dumbfounded as I am. Between the 15MPH winds and indecisive temperature I haven’t gotten out on the water much lately.

Florida Lagoon as of Late SkinnySkiffCom 2

Even on those days where you get out into the crystal clear skinny water and don’t catch a single fish, there are still sights to behold. Part of being out on the water isn’t just about being shown the middle finger by seasoned redfish in Central Florida. It’s seeing the beauty of nature unfold right before your eyes. Plus I figure that with every blown shot at a tailing fish that ends with me dumping my taper right on its head; I’m actually doing the fish a service making them smarter and more aware of their surroundings…right?

Getting out a mere half a dozen times since last November me and a few friends have luckily been able to fool a few fish to come take a look at the skiff this past few months. Winter fishing in the Central Florida lagoon systems is always a treat in that respect…you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Florida Lagoon as of Late SkinnySkiffCom 3

Florida Lagoon as of Late SkinnySkiffCom

These two fish were crawling around on the shorelines of a large leeward bank one winter evening and were hungry as a wolf. Each one of these fish went out of their way to slam the black shrimp-pattern flies we were using that day. Shoreline crawlers (or any fish in 6 inches of water) are my favorite type of fish to target. Chasing schools all day on open flats is for washed up guides trying to make a buck. Singles and pods of fish make for a much more challenging game-set and will provide you will lasting memories and new skills to use in the future.

Florida Lagoon as of Late SkinnySkiffCom 5

When all is said and done, I can’t complain much about the sheer fact that I’m able to get out on the water with good friends and enjoy a day of fishing- whether the conditions be in our favor not.

The lagoons are my home water and as frustrating as they may be, I’ll always find a way to enjoy them properly.



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