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Every year here at little ol’ SkinnySkiff we set out to get in touch with new brands in the fishing industry to see what they’re all about and gauge their awesomeness with a series of cheeky and somewhat serious emails. This year we found a company called Marsh Wear Clothing, or MWC for short.

MWC is an outdoor fishing lifestyle clothing brand that caters to a more ‘southern’ style. Every clothing company that we have a relationship has a different style and different audience out in the angling world. South Florida graffiti, artistic grunge, and now traditional clean southern designs complete the gamut of choices us as anglers now have to represent who we are on and off the water.

When I’m off the water and not wearing a microfiber long sleeve, hat, and face mask [read: not appropriate for the dinner table]; I’m usually sporting a pair of traditional four-pocket khakis and some random assembly of clothing from Brooks Brothers to Southern Tide. This ‘southern style’ is exactly what Marsh Wear Clothing reminds me of and that’s what they proclaim to achieve in their coastal-style motto.


From a special ‘artist angler series’ to hats and belts…MWC will have something that caters to your coastal lifestyle.

It’s not just the designs that make the man — or company — in this case. MWC has a line of clothing that is actually 100% made right here in the USA. ‘Made in the South’ more specifically. Rather than source some random clothing blanks from overseas, Marsh Wear chose to go with some super-soft and awesome feeling long sleeve shirts made here in the USA that are nothing short of phenomenal. These 100% ‘Pima Cotton’ long sleeve shirts are so rockin’ that the fish basically jump into your skiff to check them out and feel the softness (photo proof of that below).

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill ‘Gildan’ shirts- that’s for sure!

SkinnySkiff MarshWear Clothing Preview

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What else can a company do besides keep some of their sourcing in the USA to achieve master levels of awesomeness? Contribute back to the angling community and some good causes! MWC is a proud sponsor of the ‘Heroes on the Water’ organization which gives back to our returning warriors and gets them on water through kayak fishing.

Pretty solid business model if you ask me!

Adding icing to the cake MWC always offers free shipping on your orders over $50 and they are super-cool to speak with. Just send them an email or get in touch with Capt. Logan on social media and I’m sure he’ll be happy to grab you what you need.

Check out MWC at their web shop.

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