New Skimmer Skiff Side Console – Ballin’ on a Budget

I posted about Skimmer Skiffs months ago when the company was just starting out. They purchased the old Inshore Power Boats 14 mold and were doing really nice things with it. In that posting I put up a bunch of pictures from their Facebook account to show their work and so far the article has had plenty of views.

I recently went to check out their Facebook page again and it looks like their newest build, another 14′ skiff, is nothing short of amazing. I’m genuinely surprised at how nice the skiff looks in the photos and I’m writing this for a reason – these boats are priced cheap and this could be a great deal for anyone looking for an entry level skiff.

In my skiff experience you don’t get much for $10,000 these days in a ‘new’ skiff. Of course there are lots of skiffs that start in the $3,000 range such as the Ankona ShadowCast and now the Cayo 173- but when you start adding options and outboards you will be well over that mark in most cases.

This skiff is boasting actual molded-in hatches in the cap (two stern and one bow) along with a side console and from the photos the attention to detail is superb. I don’t know what the final price was, but it looks to be just over the $10k mark. If that’s the case this is a good amount of skiff for the money.

Skimmer Skiff SKinnySkiffCom 2015 From FB 2

Skimmer Skiff SKinnySkiffCom 2015 From FB 1

Skimmer Skiff SKinnySkiffCom 2015 From FB


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