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If you’ve read any of the new brand articles I’ve done on SkinnySkiff over the years you know I’m a huge fan of small businesses and especially those in my home state of Florida. Earlier this year while Summer was winding down i got an email from Southern Fin Apparel about a few new designs they were coming out with to show their love for fishing the flats.

I don’t just up and tack any company onto this website so I checked them out and after speaking with the owner Jason it seemed like they had a great company going and one of their designs stood out to me ass totally badass.

SkinnySkiff Southern Fin Apparel Ex

Jason sent a mail call over to me a few weeks later and to my surprise the microfiber he sent was just the one I was eye-balling! The Southern Fin Apparel “Native Fly” long sleeve microfiber has to be one of the coolest fly fishing centric shirt designs I’ve seen in awhile.

Another huge plus for me was the t-shirts that Southern Fin Apparel is using – they’re made right here in the good ol’ USA. The “Tarpon Island” shirt has to be my favorite from the bunch for every day t-shirts that you can wear around town.

Two weeks ago I grabbed the “Native Fly” micro out of my closet and went fishing with a buddy. To our surprise – even with the 20MPH winds – it was one of the best fishing days we’ve had all year. Fish were crawling all over the shorelines and the micro got some good use! Maybe it was the “Native Fly” mojo? Some sort of sacred indian-themed shirt design karma? I can only hope it happens again!

One thing I will say about the microfiber shirt blanks that Southern Fin is using, is that the sleeve are just the right length for the shirt size. Many microfiber shirt blanks will be short at your wrist even with one size up.

Maybe I have weird arms? That’s possible. These micros sit perfectly and don’t leave 1-2″ of wrist exposed when extending my arm which is a huge plus when you’re trying not to let noseeums attach you from every angle!

SkinnySkiff Southern Fin Apparel Fish Pic Article

Currently they’re running a FREE BUFF promo as well ass free shipping of $45, so if you need some new gear for the holidays be sure to check Southern Fin Apparel out!


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