2015 Yearly Donation – $100 to The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

For the first time since SkinnySkiff was started in 2011 this website has built up enough of a following to be able to donate back to the angling community.

It was part of the vision I had for SkinnySkiff.com to not just be an outlet for cool videos, photos, and gear reviews – but a website that would write about conservation and also try to give back to the environment with something other than a few good stewardship tips every now and then.

I’m proud to announce that for the year 2015 SkinnySkiff.com was able to donate $100 from sticker sales and ad revenue to the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (or BTT) is one of the foremost leaders in skinny water conservation ranging from not just the bonefish and tarpon in their name but to the environment around the fish as well.

SkinnySkiff 2015 Donation BTT

To learn more about the BTT check out their ‘about’ page.

Some highlights of what the BTT has done:

  • Worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to make bonefish a catch and release species in Florida.
  • Provided funding to research that determined the best practices for bonefish for catch and release, and produced an educational brochure for anglers, titled Best Practices for Bonefish Catch and Release, to publicize these findings and educate anglers.
  • Worked with the FWC to make tarpon a catch and release species in Florida.
  • Providing funding to research to identify tarpon spawning locations.
  • Determined that sandy, windward beaches are the only nursery habitat for juvenile permit.
  • Provided funding to a study finding the economic value of recreational fishing in the Everglades to be $991 million per year.

…and a bunch of other really neat stuff!

If you haven’t made any donations yet for the year and are looking to make a difference definitely check out the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust!

I also want to extend a ‘Thank You!’ to all of the SkinnySkiff.com readers who visit this website as this wouldn’t be possible without you guys. If you haven’t done so yet – head on over to the SkinnySkiff shop and pick up a sticker or two for the new year!


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