New Salt Marsh Skiffs ‘Heron’ for 2016

Salt Marsh skiffs, a sister company to Ankona Boats, has released a new skiff dubbed the ‘Heron’ for 2016. The skiff is a slight departure from their traditional salt marsh skiff where this new ‘Heron’ has a sharp ‘v-entry’ to better handle waves and chop when running to your favorite fishing spot. The entry shape of the new Heron skiff will also aid in anchored fishing and also make the skiff a quieter while poling around on the flats.

It’s great to see companies always innovating and releasing new skiff designs to customers! 2016 should be a great year for shallow water anglers if the released from Glasser Boatworks, Salt Marsh Skiffs and Beavertail Skiffs are any indication.

Keep checking this site for more info and take a look at the instagram posts from Salt Marsh Skiffs below!


Great first day at the Florida Sportsman show today with the new Salt Marsh Heron #saltmarshskiffs #fishing #skinnywater #fly

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