Rooted in The Low – Interview with Logan Roberts of Marsh Wear

It’s been awhile since an interview has gone up on SkinnySkiff and what better way to ring in the first of 2016 than with an awesome Q&A with Logan Roberts, fishing guide and founder of Marsh Wear Clothing. Marsh Wear is an angler apparel brand hailing from South Carolina that focuses on grassroots design through their ‘Artist Angler Series’ and carries ‘Made in the South’ cotton products.

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Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Logan. How’s everything been up in the lowcountry lately?

Things have been great here in the Lowcountry. Water is warming up and tailing redfish are in the grass, should be in full swing here soon and that is like Christmas morning for us.

Awesome. Tell us how Marsh Wear started and about the company’s origins.

The idea for Marsh Wear came about around 6 years ago while I running inshore charters and attending College of Charleston. A few friends and I were hanging out at the boat ramp complaining about the oversized boxy fishing shirts and loud obnoxious touristy looking graphics and I declared I was going to put an end to it. I started with 12 shirts and 6 hats which sold quickly to friends and was soon picked up by Haddrell’s Point Tackle shop, who I owe a lot of thanks to for helping me get the ball rolling!

So what would you say the roots of Marsh Wear are? Who is your ‘target angler’ so to speak?

We design our goods to represent people who live and breathe the saltwater marsh and all that it has to offer. The new age fisherman and outdoorsman. Although we are very passionate about fly fishing in the flats, that doesn’t mean we won’t pick up a spinning rod or spend our night shrimping. The roots of Marsh Wear is truly just getting out there on the water and enjoying it.

That’s awesome – a philosophy like that encompasses the whole outdoor experience, it seems. When you guys first hit the scene – was the clothing as big of a hit as you thought it would be?

We started out so small with no capital that we took a very organic growth approach. At first we spent our energy trying to create a solid core fan base rather than trying to create a brand out of thin air overnight. I think this was imperative to our success to start more as a grass roots brand that people could be proud to wear and identify with, and not just another logo.

Made in the USA Bow Dancer Tee from the 2016 collection.

Made in the USA Bow Dancer Tee from the 2016 collection.

Some of your gear is made right here in the USA such as the ‘East Coast Cotton’ line. Was this a goal of Marsh Wear from the get go or was it something that just happened organically as well?

Having goods made in the USA has always been a goal of mine and the idea that I could take the extra steps to help create and sustain jobs in the South were I am from was very appealing to me. With the success of our Made in the South pocket tees we have also added the Bulls Bay Tech Shirt to expand our Southern made offerings. The Bulls Bay Tech Shirt has been a huge hit this spring.

Representing the flats fishing community can be tough due to how diverse the different regions are from Texas to Florida to the Carolinas and it seems that Marsh Wear has done a great job so far. Do you feel that the ‘lowcountry’ style is unique or is it something that transcends the various skinny water regions?

I think that the flats fishing community has a strong bond with the marsh due to all the sight fishing opportunities that it offers. We love our marsh in the Lowcountry but it’s cool to see the great response and passion that Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi have as well.

Marsh Wear also gives back to the community by contributing funds to the Heroes on the Water organization. What’s the deal behind that?

From the start, I was on the search for a great non-profit to support through the brand. We found that in Heroes on the Water. I can’t say enough about this awesome organization and what all they do for our Vets.

Is Marsh Wear’s cleaner style and look something that will continue into the future with the company? Rather than favoring bold and louder tones in your designs like many others.

A cleaner style has been the goal since day one and will continue as we move forward introducing new products. We just don’t see the need in having a huge heavy design on a shirt stuck to your back when your are trying to enjoy time on the water. We also have a few new product releases this year that we are pumped about and anxious to share with everyone.

With that said; where do you see Marsh Wear in the future and how will your offerings to anglers progress?

As we grow organically we will be able to offer products we truly want to wear ourselves that are staying true to our roots. We definitely don’t want to get caught up in mass production strictly driven by revenue, but want to keep putting the time and effort into every piece that we create. For the fall we are working on some great button ups and testing crossover pant materials to see what will work best for our active lifestyle on the water.

Sounds good to me! Thanks again for getting with us about your gear. Is there anything else the community needs to know about Marsh Wear?

We are currently looking for Ambassadors for the brand and those who are interested can email me at We are not just looking for Instagram followers or Facebook likes, we are interested in those people who are just as passionate about the marsh as we are.

On top of that, I just want to thank everyone who has shown us support or taking the time to read up on our brand. We love what we do and portray and it’s all possible due to our customers who are just as salty as we are.

Check out the new Spring 2016 line and get more information about Marsh Wear Clothing at

MarshWear Interview SkinnySkiff  2


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