2016 Skinny Water Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that special someone who takes days off of work during the week to fish and just can’t stay off of the water with their skiff and trusty fly rod, right? This person probably has all of the things they need and can be quite hard to shop for during the holidays – but have no fear!

There’s always a few things that can be had for your favorite skinny water flats fisherman (or woman) and they’re all available before this upcoming holiday. The gifts below range from $10 to over $100 and will satisfy even the most discerning of angler.



This one makes the top of the list every year because quite frankly it’s the best deal around for a knife that you can keep on the skiff. It’s made in Sweden out of carbon stainless steel and is sharp as a Japanese kitchen knife. it’s one of the most highly rated outdoor knives of all time!

What’s even better than the fact that it can cut through braided line like butter? It can also be used to fight off rogue alligators and sharks! …and, it’s only $10.

Grab one on Amazon!


Revant Replacement Lenses


Ever scratch your fancy new polarized sunglass lenses? Yup. Ever gouge and/or crack them? Yup. Ever pop a lens out on the water and fish for 5 more hours with only one polarized lens on your left eye? No? Only me? Well Revant Optics Lenses is here to save the day.

Revant Optics makes third-party replacement lenses for various frames from Oakley to Costa Del Mar and for tons of different frames. Sometimes the manufacturer will refuse to warranty a frame/lens breakage or not offer a colorway you’re interested in – but Revant should have it!

Check out all of the replacement lenses Revant offers on Amazon!


Sheepshead Straw Hat


Sheepshead is a rockin’ brand of rad hats that has been putting out awesome designs for the last few years. Earlier in 2016 they debuted a new straw hat that is equally cool in every way. The straw hat features 360 degrees of sun protection and comes with a slip-on face mask shield to protect that beautiful man-beard (or woman beard?) from the harmful UV rays – stowed away on top of the straw hat!

Check the hat out here on the Sheepshead website


Marsh Wear Bulls Bay Tech Shirt


Marsh Wear is no stranger to flats fishing gear and their new tech shirt is just awesome. The poly/spandex blend keeps you dry and sports a UPF30 rating, keeping those harmful rays off your skin while stalking the flats. I’ve been wearing my tech shirt for the last six months on the water and I have to say – it beats out the standard microfiber in every way, shape and form.

Stop by the Marsh Wear Clothing website to grab one before they’re gone for the winter!



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