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It’s not easy being a little fish in a big pond but there are ways to leave your mark on an industry as vast as that of sporting gear – sunglasses to be specific. is no stranger to RCI Optics. We’ve taken a look at several of their frames and lenses from the Mosquito Lagoon’s to the Monster Hole 2.0’s. We just got done messing with these ‘Power Plant’ frames with the new H780 lens system and you definitely want to keep reading!

The guys at RCI are always innovating and pushing the limit when it comes to sportsman’s shades. Whether it’s making sure their lenses are impact resistant for hard-use or just trying to push the polarized lens envelope, they’ve been doing it all.

The Power Plant’s we have here are upgraded with the new Helius 780 Infrared lens system. Here’s what RCI has to say about the 780 system:

Introducing the latest incarnation of our efforts to advance technology, the Helius 780 or H780 IR (Infrared Reducing) lens system.

Based on our famed Helius 2.2 Polarized Lenses, now with an Infrared filtration you will reduce more eye fatigue, enhance color acuity, reduce more glare and add color brilliance while eliminating IR distortions!

Sounds badass, right? Let’s take a look…

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So these lenses are pretty much the top of the technology game and have been built to rival the likes of other top lenses such as the ChromaPop and 580G lenses from two other top manufacturers. Each company touts their own set of high-tier specifications and subtle differences in material and capability – but how do they stack up?

As someone who’s on the water almost twice a week almost exclusively sight-fishing I have a few characteristics in my sunglasses I tend to notice; added contrast to discern fish from the sea floor, color enhancement to also aid in fish detection and glare reduction from the water’s surface. If a pair of sunglasses does all of these than I consider it a win for the frames and lens system.

“These RCI Helius 780 Rock.”

Adding to the legacy of the RCI Helius 2.2 these new Helius H780 lenses are definately representing RCI at the top of the polarized shades game. The ability of this frame and lens combo to block out glare, additional light from the sun and add color to items under the water’s surface was a real treat. After being on the water for hours as the sun makes its way across the clear blue sky you can get noticeably fatigued. Swinging your eyes around and scanning the water for hours on end can leave you strained but the RCI H780 lenses help your eyes pick out the most minute details even when you’re feeling tired.

The Power Plant frames are large and in charge, too. I have a normal sized head (I like to think) and the frames fill my entire eye cup and block out all the sun’s rays. The nose bridge and pads are comfortable and don’t put any unnecessary pressure on my face which is an awesome bonus – super comfortable.

To add some icing on the proverbial RCI cake these frames are still made in Italy by skilled craftsman that makes some of the worlds best sunglasses.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shades I would definitely say to give RCI a try. These ‘Power Plant’ frames and Helius 780 lens system is the third pair of RCI sunglasses we’ve had the privilege of reviewing and without a doubt RCI will be a top contender for years to come.

Check out all their current frames and lenses on their website.

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